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>>. >> charles: stocks ready to keep thriving. gary? >> home depot accelerating their earnings and sales and great buy back. stock is acting great and it's going higher in the next few months. >> charles: adam? >> really good company.
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it has terrific run, my big concern it's not cheap for a mega cat company. >> charles: adam? >> yahoo, it's extremely inexpensive. stock is up because of asset sales. there is real chance that they could turn the company around. >> charles: and any company that says get off the computers and come work i love it. >> i used to work for yahoo and i always say, i'm not sure what he knows that the market doesn't already know. >> charles: what should people be looking at. >> spiders. stay with the indexes and you will get to be rich. >> charles: that is hard to argue with, as well. gary, you pick stocks, how about getting into the market what do you say? >> i probably put it less now than i did a few weeks ago. let me say this. if ben bernanke going to print
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$3 billion a day, markets have more for the upside. >> charles: okay, thanks guys, have a great weekend. >> they scared with us threats of walmart and more delays at airports across the country. >> average wait times to clear customs will increase by 50%. >> travelers should expect delays. >> thousands of illegals go free and draw $50 million on on tax dollars on uniforms for the tsa. should they renamed the department of homeland stupidity. and market based integration. for $50,000 you can make the american dream a reality. others say it's the only fair way. and hollywood mourns cisco flies half mast now that chavez is
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dead. will the pipes flow freely. cashin in starts right now. >> eric: hello, i'm eric bombing and also joins us is former senator and fox news contributor scott brown and carolyn joins us from the liberal wilderness. welcome everybody. washington keeps scaring us about the cuts, but they keep spending. tsa dropping a whopping $900 per uniform and keep hiring. three positions opening up at the department of ago debris culture. they want to grow bole worms. do i need to ask this, necessary or needless? >> it's not only needless but it's destructive. all these things scaring us about cutting used to be handled
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by the private markets anyway. the tsa didn't exist before 2001. it was private security. we ate meat in this country for 130 before inspectors in the early 1900s. and i don't think the federal employees to grow bole weevils. it doesn't rest on federal law library making $115,000 a year. >> eric: do we need three white house cali graphers? >> they should make those cuts. the president has turn i had down. he wants it to be on republicans and have people blame the republicans. it's time for leadership and time to get in there and delegate authorities to the cabinet chiefs and have harry reid delegate to the chairman to find those cuts and do it right away. >> eric: really, sequester started at the white house.
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why can't the white house start cutting its own and do it the right way? >> eric, let's look at the cali graphers. they get paid $30-50 an hour. there are ceremonial functions for the presidency. i think you are nickel and diming. i think we should go big cuts, getting out of afghanistan. >> holding on. >> nickel and diming. you tell me if this is nickel and diming. i went to website, and downloaded the white house employees. it's 28 pages long. listen to this. hotel on. listen -- $130,000 special assistant to the president. $102,000 special assistant to the president. $138,000 special assistant. associate director of public engagement and the list goes on and on. we're not nickel and diming. these jobs, they take years to get the jobs approved and get them listed.
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every agency are making cuts and unlikely they will be making very many knew hires. >> eric: bring some sense to the west coast? >> part of the fact you say making cuts. the budget grows and grows and lack of the budget. expenses keep growing and nobody thinks about maybe they shouldn't be in the first place. listen we spent $27 million on enhancing the ability to teach pottery makers in morocco how to make pots. it's outrageous. we added 2,000 dead me will people who distributed food stamps last year. there was 7,000 people who got duplicate food stamps. amount have waste is enormous. you can't keep this up. the president in his absolute outrageous hypocrisy, oh, people in the speech, people in the white house sweep the floors are
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going to lose their jobs and meanwhile, he goes and spends $3 million to play golf. >> eric: they said the teachers. how about elderly aren't going to be able to eat if sequester? >> drama, drama. yet we spend $50 million on uniforms for the tsa. i'm the first person you should be dressed nationally when you pat me down, but we don't need this. it's insulting to the american people they keep trying to get away with this stuff. you are too stupid to figure it out on your own they think. >> eric: not only are they not cutting back but they listed 400 jobs the day sequester wasn't into effect to hire people. >> and sequester doesn't cut government but cuts the growth of government. and looking around saying, where shall we started cutting.
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how about going back to the constitution. all government is supposed to do is protect our individuals rights not to feed us and clothe us. so if we're looking what is the cut. let's go back to the constitutional principles. >> eric: you are sitting there in that chamber, why is it so hard to cut? >> bottom line, congressman and senators aren't getting a cut. staff is cut 5.1%. you need to have the leadership and boehner in the house and reid in the senate delegate to ranking members and say we have to cut $1.2 trillion. you have 30 days to do it. by the way, we're not leaving thursday 2:00 to do it. you need to do it now. it's very easy to do. >> eric, we talked about this last time. until the system changes, process changes, until there is term limits where. >> i agree with. >> you otherwise, they are working on their next vote.
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they have to bring something to the table and until that is gone we're going to have pretty tsa uniforms. >> if you look at the voting records in congress, up 93% and i was 50/50, i agree with you. you have to look at the members and see what they are doing. bottom line, making cuts is tough to do but it's a necessity >> we've had a tax raise. at the end. year, president obama got a trillion dollar hike in the taxes that measures pay. where would you cut? >> i would get out of iraq. >> eric: we are out of iraq. give me meaningful cuts. >> we those are in the bill yows and porno scanners. with the tsa why did we get the corporate contracted and scanning doesn't work. there are all kinds of places to
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cut. >> instead of cutting the scanners at tsa. why not go back to the private security force. >> do you remember 2011, really great idea. >> eric: great discussion. we'll leave it there. happy to see you go. some say chavez's death may release more at the pump here but we have the fix to free drivers for good. and solution to the illegal i am raise mess. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ constipated? yeah. mm.
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those who've had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. ask your doctor about lyrica today. it's specific treatment for diabetic nerve pain. to hear more of terry's story, visit >>. >> terry: i'm arthel nevil. the government says former president nelson mandela has been taken to the hospital for a
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routine test. this is the second hospital stay in less than three months for the anti-apartheid leader. he is 94 and we'll bring you more details as they come in. new calls for an extensive security review at one of the nation's busiest airports after an inspector brought a fake bomb managed to get through two security screens. peter king says the top to bottom review is needed of the tfs a. i'm arthel nevil. get you back to cashin in. you know where to get all the latest headlines, you are watching the most powerful name in news. i'll see you again in about an hour from now. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> eric: the pain at the pump is while some say chavez's departure could mean lower gas prices but others say we've got
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the fix. get rid of costly regulations on refineries and stop being dependence on greener gas. >> it's all passed on. stop this greenhouse nonsense. stop the summer blend and pass the keystone xl pipeline. we have a friend in canada wanting to send something to us. it's very simple but nobody is doing anything. >> eric: there is over hundred gasoline blends in america. midwest blend, southern blend. high ethanol content -- it goes on. how about one blend? >> that is state level you are arguing with the federal government should be dictating the state laws. i don't think you are. this is not what is causing the crisis to go up. we have the highest domestic
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production since 1992. we are less reliant on foreign oil we have been in two decades. notices the regulations. >> eric: what is it? >> it is the refineries that we see, big five coming in putting smaller refineries out of business and for profits. >> eric: jonathan, oli g.o.p. oly refinery system, we haven't had a new refinery built because of epa and regulations? >> those are the same refineries that have dealt with over a hundred billion dollars in regulatory costs during the 1990s. rghdz don't create any plants they don't innovated. all they do is destroy. they prevent progress and prevent energy from being pumped. think the energy regulators are quite nefarious. we use this fossil fuel to better our lives. oil and natural gas and powers our modern world.
1:47 pm
>> jonathan, no. >> eric: hold on. >> he comes from a liberal part of the country, massachusetts, what do you say about this? >> wind, solar, permitting, there has not been a permitting for a refinery. how about a nuclear facility? we need to be energy independent. not approving the keystone pipeline adding more regulation to our energy producers, there is a risk obviously, overregulation is not the way to do it. >> eric: you make the point that we have enough supply, but wait, more supply means lower prices, does it not? >> it should. the amount of progress that we have made both scientifically and discoveries in shale and things like that, there have to be enough oil we will be independent from foreign resources. the fact of the matter all these
1:48 pm
regulations don't help, but sooner or later we have to come to some sort of an agreement it works out for everybody. as you pointed out earlier, there are so many different kinds of gas that are produced, everybody is producing, in california you have a high gas and everything has to be done in a certain way. in another state it's done another way. it's very difficult. >> eric: president obama took the oath of office in 2009, 1.83 a gallon of gasoline. i have to say a lot of people are pointing their finger for the high price of gasoline? >> that would be i will lodge catholic that would require there has been a lot of new regulations and there have not been a lot of new regulations. president even after deep horizon disaster has opened up offshore drilling. highest oil production since 1992. so how you can tag this to the president.
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>> it's illogical to me. he said he would keep our country safe and depends on nut jobs to bring oil to this country. it's a national security issue that we get off of dependence off of foreign oil. >> eric: we have to go. $50,000 and move to the front of the line. a new idea to combat illegal immigration problem is making waves but someone here says it's makes total sense. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] you can make macaroni & cheese without freshly-made pasta. you could also cut corners by making it without 100% real cheddar cheese.
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> eric: lawmakers a new market solution for illegal immigration reform is gaining steam. both legal and illegal immigrants to pay $50,000 to become a u.s. citizen, idea is attract the highest skilled workers. what say you? >> i'm not sure what is gaining steam. american citizenship is not for sale. bottom line we need to fix illegal immigration system. it's broken. obviously we have to have a fair and open and transparent discussion with lawmakers to make sure that everybody is included securing the border before you do anything you have to do that, period, unless nobody is going along with it. >> eric: wayne, bring marring sense surely you agree that immigrants should be able to pay $50,000 and become a citizen, no? >> no, i do not. i think its crazy idea.
1:54 pm
scott is right. you have to enforce the law. let me tell you the best solution, i'm going to become illegal. i get more stuff illegal than i do being legal. i want to convert. i get free hospitalization, my kids go to school. i get on the government roll, i am going to become illegal. >> eric: obviously the market guy, this is the only way to go, right? >> i disagree. this isn't a market system. i mean market implies free market. this is tax, $50,000 tax and allows citizenship is for sail. anyone who wants to come here should be given residency for free. they should be allowed to stay to work, to produce. immigrants to don't take from this country, they produce from this country and provide from this country and real free market would be just that, an open border policy that would welcome anyone, no subsidies and no sbph but anyone that wants to come and work and produce.
1:55 pm
>> eric: here are the numbers, million come here per year and $50,000 would be $50 billion that would help our budget problems, no? >> i think its terrible idea because it produces economic bias that wealthier people are can afford to pay $50,000 are worth something more to this country. it sends a terrible message. the senator is right. our citizenship is not for sale. immigrants, even those that are here illegally pay taxes and contributed to our system. $48,000 over the course of their lifetime. we shouldn't be charging them. >> eric: and 50 grand, it's not 50 grand up in front. you can work and get citizenship and then pay or two or three thousand a year. >> good thing you are a tv sales and not in sales. i'm not buying it either. my family came over and came to
1:56 pm
this country. they did it right. they took a test and passed and made something of themselves and that is what the country is about. >> i think ed la zeer has been floating this idea. >> it's going nowhere. let's take care of 4.3 million people here that are following the rules before we do anything for anyone that is not here legally. in addition to that when people graduate they should get a visa to stay here and work. we are losing a tremendous amount of talent. the visa program we need to get it squared away. there is so many things we can do. >> eric: ed la zeer worked for president bush 43. we want to thank you for joining us and coming up...
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